Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Looking for an administrator

Hey guys! blog hasn't been getting that much interest and I was wondering if some of my faithful followers would like to help me with posting.

Yes, I need an administrator. Someone who will post and reply to comments and in general help this blog get more publicity.

I will share the load of posting and commenting but I need someone to fill in on the days that I won't be posting. Someone who knows about fashion, music, and other popular culture. Preferably someone who already has a blog, but if you don't I will still consider you.

Thank you and please write comments if you are interested  I will look at each one of you and make my decision. If you are interested please send me an email at:

It's not a public email just one that I made up.
Thank you!


  1. well i would love to be a part of your fashion blog! hope we both can take time of our busy schedule and contribute in making this world fashionable

    1. Great! I would love to have you. I sent you an email!