Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yahoo Questions

I was looking at different yahoo questions and clicking on some of them. Here are several that I found and the best answers.
The first question I click on  was "why do stupid people breed" (no offense to anyone!)

"Because they wanted company?"

What's another word for knowing that you're right?


How to lose 50 pounds in a month?

"Amputation? Do you really need legs? There is no healthy way to lose 50 pounds in one month."

How do I successfully become a Justin Bieber fan?

"Lose all brain functions. Maybe sustain a pretty substantial blow to the head."

What does it mean when someone says "meow to you"?

"They're a cat."

What happens to the people born on February 29????? do they stay one until four years past?

"They get locked up in a secret laboratory in Iowa and are let loose every 4 years."

Why are babies so ugly when they are born? (again no offense to anyone)

"How about you stay under water 9-10 months then squeezed through a straw and see how you look???"

Is Rainbow-Trout a good name for a baby girl?

"Are you a fish? If yes, I think it's a great name. If you are human, I would discourage it."

What is the meaning of procrastination?

"I'll tell you later..."

Why does my arm shake and turn bright red when im eating dirt?

"why are you eating dirt?"

OK, I hope this made you laugh!



  1. That's hilarious! I've found of funny ones too a couple of years back; one of the questions was HOW DO YOU TURN CAPS LOCK OFF? It was funny, at least I thought so at the time. :) Love this post!